Concentrate On The Topics That You Have Studied:

    Once you go through the entire syllabus, it is common to go back and unearth topics that you haven’t studied (well). Experts say that doing so will cause you to panic because, obviously, you left those topics out because you found them difficult. The panic will make you lose focus and forget what you already studied well. You seriously don’t need this headache in the last minute!

 Concentrate On The Formulae, Theorems, And Reactions:

    When it comes JEE, it is easy to be confused with these aspects of the syllabus, which is why studying them at least a couple of times in the end can help you remember better. You can come up with your own ways to memorize them such as co-relating them with names or coming up with patterns that are easy to remember.

Solve A Few Mock Test Papers or Previous Year Question Papers:

    Doing this will give you confidence. If you have studied well, you will be able to do well in these tests and that will make you feel better. Also, make sure you always set the timer so that you know how quick you are.

Eat Healthy:

    Do not neglect your health in these final moments. Falling sick now could ruin your future plans.

Sleep early and sleep well:   

Go to bed before 11:00 PM especially on the day of the exam and wake up early. Adequate sleep is paramount for proper functioning of the brain.

Calm Your Nerves:

    Panic and stress can blank you out. Don’t let them get to you. You have studied well through the months. You just have to take the final step now. Stay calm while you do so. Meditate, exercise, and eat well to keep calm.

Reach The Exam Hall Early:

    There’s nothing worse than running late on the day of your exam. Start early and reach at least half an hour. Staying composed is very important and these little things matter.