Brilliance Batch

By: Ashish Singhal
Helpful for exam Refundable
JEE Main, JEE Advanced, 11th , 12th, KVPY, BITSAT, Maths Olympiad
MRP Our Price Credit Price
35000.0 32000.0 29090.0


Course Details :

  1. This course is for class 11th or 12th.
  2. In this course we will cover entire competitive (JEE Main, Advanced, BITSAT) and board exams syllabus for the respective class.
  3. 3-4 four online classes will be conducted every week and the class duration will be of around 2 hours. The purpose of this fixed time is just to make the student sincere and regular for the class.
  4. In each class, the student has to attend a video tutorial of about 50 minutes and he/she may require 2 hours to understand it properly.
  5. All video lectures can only be viewed using mobile or tablet in our institute app
  6. The student will have 7 days of access for each lecture. During this time he/she can revise it again and again. If he/she wants to amend it in revise he/she can ask us about it and we will give access to it.
Extra Feature:

For the Brilliance batch, there will be a doubt class of 2 hours in every 10 days and it will be conducted only at our institute.