Quadratic Equations

By: Ashish Singhal
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JEE Main, JEE Advanced, 11th , 12th, KVPY, BITSAT, Maths Olympiad
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In this course we have covered all basic and advance concepts of Quadratic Equations which includes:
  • Equation reducible to Quadratic
  • Remainder and Factor theorem
  • Quadratic Equations with real and complex coefficients.
  • Common root(s)
  • Relation between Coefficient and roots of n-Degree Equation.
  • Solving Cubic Equation.
  • Repeated roots.
  • Quadratic Expression in two variable.
  • Finding the range of a function Involving Quadratic Expression.
  • Quadratic Function.
  • Location of roots.
  • Solving inequalities using Location of Roots.
Each concept is explained with numerous examples that is beneficial for competitive as well as board exams.

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